Monday, December 24, 2007

Night of the Radishes

Last night was the annual Night of the Radishes festival in Oaxaca, known as Noche de los Rabanos. The entire zocalo was framed by displays of giant carved radishes. Some of the entries depicted scenes from daily life, like tortilla-making and farming. Others showed celebrations like Calendas, Dia de los Muertos, Guelaguetza, Posadas, and fairs. I was intrigued by this narrative scene, "Death Driving His Cart":

One of my favorites had radish figures stacked in a style reminiscent of Peruvian folk art:

The zocalo was packed with people viewing the radishes, watching a clown, listening to bands, drinking coffee and beer at the sidewalk cafes, and shopping. I ventured down Calle de las Casas and scored cartoon character socks, cascarones, singing Christmas lights, a handmade wooden doggy car, silly string, two chocolate clown lollipops, a cartoon magazine with robot enclosure, sparkly hair clips, and bubbles with a wrestler attached. My Christmas shopping is done!

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Parker L. said...

very very cool, I have a step daughter named Serena :) Please check my stuff out, thnks