Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dia del Virgen at Llano Park

Oaxaca's been going nuts for the Virgen de Guadalupe, setting off firecrackers all night for a week, striking up the band in every other public square, and setting up another impromptu amusement park, this time in the wonderful Llano Park. Llano Park is an incredible gathering place. It seems to me that, since the unrest which was often zocalo-centered has resulted in the increased presence of armed police, Llano Park has inherited the previous zocalo energy. There is a tianguis open-air market every Friday, special events nearly every week, a huge fountain that frequently has children diving into it, fondas serving up memelas and empanadas, a La Michoacana booth, and the endless balloon-sellers, bubble-sellers, and plastic toy-sellers. Pictured here is one of my favorite t-shirts from a stall at the amusement park. I guess Top Cat is known as Don Gato around here. I grew up singing the song "Don Gato was a Spanish cat".

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