Friday, April 4, 2008

Holy Jesus, Batman

Some wild scenes go down around here at Semana Santa. First of all, "Holy Week" meant that the kids got 18 days off of school. But the party didn't stop there. On the Friday before Easter (help me here, God-believers, perhaps it's called Good Friday?), everyone in town turns out for a silent processional. There is the usual festive stuff--balloons, food, children running around--but the mood is ominous. I guess everyone is feeling sorry for the guy that's gonna go up on these crosses:

The men carrying the "parade floats" (for lack of a better word) of Jesus and various saints were dressed in little hoods with peaked caps. I couldn't stop thinking of the KKK.

And here's the man of the hour, looking just bloody and damaged the way he is often depicted in Mexico. Man, is it a relief just to watch these scenes and have no emotional connection, because this kind of stuff could make a person feel guilty!

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