Monday, February 11, 2008

Vocho Love

Oh, the shame of it. I was so proud to live in a city where no car is required. Except that Steve decided a car was required. I resisted but, in the end, I had to admit defeat--he was the one having to push the stroller up the mountainside every day, because I still haven't got my full muscle power back in my surgery-side arm.

So we hit upon a compromise. The VW Bug, or vocho, or vochito, as it's known around here. It seems like half of Mexico, including the police and taxi drivers, are getting around in a VW. Old model bugs were made in Puebla until 2005. One of my students went to the farewell party at the factory.

And, of course, the vocho was immediately useful. A few rounds of guests came into town and we were popping them to and from the airport at all hours. Max got invited to a birthday party way out in the country. We were able to wander to San Agustin Etla to see the famous art center and the show within. Today, the kids washed the vocho, right before the first rain in four months began to fall. Everyone loves our bonito vochito.

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