Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anthropomorphic Avocadoes on Bags

A year ago, when I lived in Portland and began planning the big move to Oaxaca, I spied a girl in the frozen foods aisle of Winco sporting an incredible market bag. It featured dancing fruits and vegetables with ecstatic faces. Completely charming. I ran chased her down in bulk candy and got the skinny: "My brother bought it for me in Oaxaca."

It seemed like an omen, this enchanting market bag from my new home. But I couldn't wait for my arrival to Oaxaca. I began searching for it online. It took a few days, but I found it at Gringas & Company, this Mexican import shop. And now I have my own dancing produce to wear when I go out.

But here is an interesting twist to the story. I've been living in Oaxaca for three months now, and have yet to see that bag. Nearly every lady of a certain age has one, but not mine. And at the Benito Juarez Market, I encountered a stall stacked high with market bags. They advertised toys, pastries, meat, even hardware, but no anthropomorphic produce.

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